The AI-Driven Digital Divide: Who Should Build the Guardrails?

Sejin Kim 2024.01.17 08:19 PDT
The AI-Driven Digital Divide: Who Should Build the Guardrails?
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Consensus among The Miilk's subscribers and AI leaders: AI-induced job shifts are inevitable, sparking urgent debates on regulation and resource allocation to address the looming digital divide.

What Questions Should We Raise About AI Guardrails? Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used to automate critical aspects of business and everyday life, posing threats to human jobs and spreading misinformation. Internal conflicts within OpenAI's board regarding the pace of AI development have come to light. At the World Economic Forum in Davos, Sam Altman mentioned 'Artificial General Intelligence (AGI),' a form of AI potentially surpassing human abilities, anticipated in the near future.

There is active discussion on how to mitigate these side effects of AI, who should take action, and what measures should be implemented. The Miilk conducted a subscriber survey and interviewed global AI industry experts to gauge how to reach a social consensus.

The majority of The Miilk's subscribers and AI industry leaders agree that mass unemployment and change among knowledge workers due to AI are inevitable. This raises questions about who should regulate and how resources should be allocated in preparation for this digital divide.

Experts such as Sridhar Ramaswamy, former head of advertising at Google and Senior Vice President at Snowflake, venture partner at Greylock Partners, Jeremiah Owyang, a partner at Blitzscaling Ventures, Ben Bajarin, CEO and senior analyst at Creative Strategies, and known Korean MZ investor Zoon Chang of Schmidt Ventures, participated in interviews with The Miilk.

👉 380 subscribers of The Miilk said the media should actively use AI to create a significant advantage

The Miilk's survey, conducted from December 3 to December 26, 2023, in Korean, received responses from 78 subscribers. 41.6% work in technology, 19.5% in content (media, music, video, design, etc.), and 18.2% in finance/investment. The highest age group was 46-55 years at 28.6%, followed by 26-35 years at 26%, 36-45 years at 22.1%, and 56-65 years at 18.2%. Among the respondents, 76.3% were male and 23.7% female.

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